What can be better than chemotherapy?

Over the decades, chemotherapy has always been the lead treatment for cancer.  The worst part is that most everyone knows that chemo is a killer, yet, functioning out of fear, the people go for it.

What if:

The medical profession educated people on proper diet, and mind set so they may avoid more than cancer? As a matter of fact, a whole menu of dis-eases.  This would be tantamount to economic suicide, but then again, they would “do no harm”.

What if:

Once an examination shows, lets say, cancer, they have the patient detoxify, naturally, and get them on a proper diet. That, along with certain known herbs, and or procedures, will attack the cancer, using, once again, natural elements. Now not economic suicide, but a loyal patient for life.

Natural elements that work on people the majority of the time:

Extract or tincture, made from noni leaves, you can either purchase, or make the tincture yourself.  The internet will tell you how.
Utilize extract or tincture from Graviola, also known as Soursop.

Lemon juice (organic if possible) is a fantastic cleanser for the body. Very importantly, it also puts the body into an alkaline mode, rather than acidic.
nomi leaf

Ozonate the blood, either by infusion, performed by a medical practitioner, or find a company that has hyperbaric chambers that are available to use.

Cancer, along with many other dis-eases, can not stand oxygen.

A doctor in Italy, came up with a method to kill cancer. It is a solution of bicarbonate of soda injected directly into the tumor. Cancer does not like an alkaline environment.  I know of a few people that found a way to achieve the same results, since doctors in the US can not do this. What they did was make a paste of baking soda, using DMSO. They placed the mixture on the tumorous mass, (obviously one must be able to feel it), and covered it with large gauze pad. In three days there was no growth that they could feel.

One should still consult a physician for testing. Alternatively, there is a blood test called AMAS. It costs less than $200.00 to determine if you have cancer anywhere in your body. You can find companies that do the testing. This is all done by mail.

One point:  if one has, for example “cancer”, and they say it is advanced, Se-Kret is the core element, for eliminating the issue. Se-Kret is a proprietary formula of Dr. Glum, it was derived from his research of Rene Caisse, RN.  

The herbal tea remedy is extremely successful, when it come to healing the body, well beyond cancer.  It has had great success dealing with lupus, leukaemia, Diabetes, type 1, fibromyalga, IBS, and several more  issues.

So many times people may ask if it will do something I am not aware of, so I call some doctors I know, nine times out of ten one of the core issue is toxic build-up and they always say, “Use the tea to remove toxins”, then they will suggest other items to use.  Naturopaths are a wealth of knowledge, several states prevent their practice, go figure.

Listen to your heart for truth, it never fails, also do not say “I have cancer”, your mind then takes ownership, it does not know any better.
Take the time to quietly realize you are in charge of healing your body. Be confident and sure of your yourself. You can and will do it. Know that it is so, as long as you believe it is so. Simple, but real.

So be it

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