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Better Then Chemo 

Change Your Thinking

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Eliminate Disease

The body heals itself when freed from harmful agents and fed with life-giving elements.

The original Ojibwa tea formula is a combination of simple herbs.


       Essiac History and Timeline

From the beginning of the original Ojibwa tea formula to the present day, 
whether you want to call it Ojibwa Tea, Se-Kret Tea or Essiac Tea, the main purpose has been to have a Tea to help eliminate disease and cancer.  

Read more.... 


Migraine Headache Solution 

Tapping into the Subtle Human Energy Field

Nearly 100 years ago, Albert Einstein was awarded a Nobel Prize for revealing that energy and matter are inter convertible and transferable.

Einstein awakened the world to the fact that energy creates matter, 
and that everything—people, pets, plants, foods, and even thought—is created by, and generates, energy.   Read More... 

The Pineal Gland & Essiac Tea

Pineal gland is considered a portal that connects the physical and spiritual world in humans.


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