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Examples of those helped over the years, scroll down. 

Better Then Chemo 

Change Your Thinking

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Eliminate Disease

The body heals itself when freed from harmful agents and fed with life-giving elements.

The original Ojibwa tea formula is a combination of simple herbs.


       Essiac History and Timeline

From the beginning of the original Ojibwa tea formula to the present day, 
whether you want to call it Ojibwa Tea, Se-Kret Tea or Essiac Tea, the main purpose has been to have a Tea to help eliminate disease and cancer.  

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Migraine Headache Solution 

Tapping into the Subtle Human Energy Field

Nearly 100 years ago, Albert Einstein was awarded a Nobel Prize for revealing that energy and matter are inter convertible and transferable.

Einstein awakened the world to the fact that energy creates matter, 
and that everything—people, pets, plants, foods, and even thought—is created by, and generates, energy.   Read More... 

The Pineal Gland & Essiac Tea

Pineal gland is considered a portal that connects the physical and spiritual world in humans.




Examples of those helped with Se-Kret Tea


I started helping people, with certain dis-eases, in 1991, with my mentor, Doctor Gary Glum. I stayed focused on cancer but have since incorporated helping people with many other health issues.

Below are some extreme cases, most cases are well in two to three months, these are the exception: 

Jessie D.,a 90 year old woman with cancer in intestinal area,

Jessie was taken to hospital due to severe blood loss, that was when the cancer was discovered. The tea (Se-kret) was taken to her in hospital, as the tea was known to have an effect on bleeding, the bleeding stopped in 24 hours and Jessie went home, cancer was gone in 3 months.

 Lil D. was a neighbour to Jessie D., Lil was found to have cancer, the size of a lemon, with tentacles growing around the ovaries. Lil took the tea and the cancer was gone in one month. This is extreme, by all measures, but Lil fasted during this time, this actually helps to kill the cancer as it was being starved to death, and the tea was doing it's job too.

 Me, I managed to get testicular and prostate cancer, which was a good attitude adjustment for me.

I was great at telling people what wonders this Se-kret Tea would do, I never thought about side effects. I will leave out all of the fine point but will say that I was constipated for one week and circulation was being cut off in another area. I took the tea and did coffee enemas; the cancer was gone in one month. I believe my mental attitude also helped, the mind is a powerful thing/

 Diabetes, type 1

A six-year-old girl, in Romania, had type 1 diabetes, a pretty serious case. The herbs were sent to the family, by the time it got there the little girl was in hospital, in a coma from the dis-ease.

The parent managed to get the tea into her and in one week the girl came out of the coma and no longer had diabetes. The doctors, I was told, could not understand and the parents were afraid to say anything, in some countries, even though the child was now healthy, governments may charge child endangerment, go figure.


A friend’s son had AIDS, my friend, Vern, wanted to try using the Tea, along with amino acids to help his son. We decided to incorporate oxygen, into the mix. We created a suit of non-porous material, with a valve which would hook up to an ozone machine

Vern took all of this to New York, where his son was now in Hospital and his T cell count was 3. Vern gave his son the tea, in the first week and a half, the T cell count went to 60, then Vern incorporated the Oxygen and amino acids, along with the tea, for an additional week and a half, the T cell count went to 192, at which point the son elected for some new chemical.

 I believe 200 is considered normal for T cells. I had tried to help others, with AIDS but they would disappear, this one was a captive subject and was a success.


The Se-kret herbs have success in dealing with Lupus, however, a few years ago I met a man whose wife had Lupus for 33 years, he decided to see if the herbs would help his wife.

She took the “tea” and felt better than ever, after three days. She took the tea for three months, at which time she went to the doctor, for her usual check-up, along with her husband.

Her husband asked that she be tested for Lupus and the doctor refused, saying----once you have Lupus you always have Lupus, he would not test her, and she continues to take the chemicals

 If you have used Se-kret, and would like to share your experience, please feel free to send the information to


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