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Americas: (417) 234-8596
British Isles: 44 33 0001 0984

Hours of Operation
24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

Correspondence Address
Americas: Robert King                                         5880 Boulder Falls Street#2085 Henderson 11, Nevada

British Isles: Robert King
c/o Kings Haven, Ballaragh Road
Laxey, Isle of Man IM4 7PH

Memorandum of Understanding

"I, Robert King, am neither a medical doctor, nor am I practicing medicine. I am only helping those who want an alternative to the standards practised by medical doctors. Those obtaining the herbs are making a free will choice based on information derived from their own research. I will not make any information obtained from the buyer available to any member of the public. The engagement between me and the user is by a private agreement/treaty.

—Robert King, a private American National              

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