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We offer healing herbal teas formulated from a combination of four brewed herbs: bloodroot, slippery elm, burdock, and sheep-sorrel and a little Se-Kret.

These herbs, all with great healing properties in their own right, interact to have an amazing effect on the human body. Their chemical, minerals, and vitamins act synergistic-ally to provide the human body with what it needs to heal itself, even from cancer.

Dr. Gary GlumThe ingredients  have strict handling and processing requirements. This includes, but is not limited to, their harvesting time, their drying methods, and their purity.

Dr. Gary Glum, (has passed away) Robert King  an associate was given the formula prior to his death and is the current producer of Essiac (Se-Kret Formula), maintains the highest standards when preparing the original herbal formula given to him by Dr. Gary Glum, originally from Rene Caisse . You may find others on the market, but none that compare to the quality and combination of this formula. Robert worked hand in hand with Gary over a matter of years to help produce and spread the Se-Kret Formula to those in need. We welcome your comments and support. 

We are offering other products that we feel will be beneficial in your bodies healing process, since no two of us are alike. There is no magic bullet, so sometimes if we are able to supply the right minerals and enzymes along with the tea, we may be able to unlock the magic bullet combination or key to our health. Enjoy the journey and please let us know if you have questions, we offer one free consultation.  

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