The Power of Holistic Healing

Your Intestines

We believe in the efficacy and importance of holistic healing.

This form of treatment works to heal the mind, soul, and body by cleansing each area and rebuilding it with resources found in nature for good health and happiness.

Our herbal tea greatly contributes to your body's ability to heal itself, and thus improve your mind and your soul. Original names  are Essiac, Se-Kret, Ojibwa tea formula. We have included a line of BioEnergy Products to compliment your healing journey. 

Here is the Original Essiac Tea

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The Bodies BioEnergy Fields for Healing

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More information on these amazing products be sure to CLICK HERE

The immune system spends its time taking care of problem areas in the body.

Unless your intestines are clean, the focus of the system is on them, thereby taking away from other areas in the body that may need help to fight off some other form of disease.

 We have a network of products that would fit most any situation in a natural way. Please feel free to fill out the form and let us know what might be of interest. We will get back with you on products and remedies to suite your needs. Cleanse, Restore Renew your immune system and let the body heal thyself.   Look forward to helping you on your healing journey.


Eliminate Disease

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The body heals itself when freed from harmful agents and fed with life-giving elements.

The original Ojibwa tea formula is a combination of simple herbs, which support the body's ability to rebuild, nourish, and clean itself of many different illnesses, including cancer.

We have learned through the years that there are many steps people can take to aid in eliminating disease, including cleaning out their intestines, removing red meat from their diet, and freeing their minds of all the untruths that have been put there since childhood.

We've found that if people take all or any of these steps in conjunction with taking Ojibwa tea, their healing process was significantly enhanced.

Here are our healing products.



The Mind & Soul


Cleaning out the mind and restoring the soul are vital parts of holistic healing.

We have found three excellent books that are sure to help you with this process:

You Can Heal Your Life
by Louise Hay

It may sound strange to many, but our thoughts are what helps to create disease in our bodies. Some may call this nonsense; however, if it's very true. Unless we get rid of the "garbage" in our minds, we're susceptible to future problems with our health and/or social circles.

Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting 
by Lynn Grabhorn

This powerful book exposes the power of our feelings in creating or destroying our lives. It shows simple ways to take control over bad events and to bring out good things in and around our beings.


                                 The NEW 2017 Dynamically Enhanced Miracle Manifestation Manual

 This delightful companion to The 15-Minute Miracle Revealed

                                                                         By Jacquelyn Aldana 

Is a combination of a 3-MonthJournal and Rapid Results Activity Book

that makes it easy to master The 15-Minute Miracle process very quickly.

Because it has over 999 Proven-to-Work Examples you can copy

word for word, it's as easy as filling in the blanks, connecting the

dots or painting by numbers. The examples and resources

in this book make it quicker and easier than ever to

lighten your load and light up your life!

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Recommended Consultation or Evaluation

Naturopathic Doctor

We offer a complimentary free 15 minute phone consultation. We can guide you in determining what products that may be of help to your unique situation.   Other options are a session with a  distant healing method using the  L.I.F.E System , which uses your own personal energy to track different energy imbalances and works to correct those imbalances to bring your body back to neutral PH & Balance. Sessions are only $75. Email for more information.  We have several modalities and options for people to explore. Please let us know what information you are looking for and we can supply you with links to Clinics, Alternative Remedies, Doctors in your area and all the newest technology.  We are here to help you on your journey. 






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