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Se-kret is dedicated to providing a natural product that has a tremendous success rate in helping our bodies heal themselves when fighting cancer. Our herbal tea cancer treatment is also known to be effective in fighting lupus, leukemia, Hepatitis B and C, and type 1 and 2 diabetes. The formula for this product has been around for a long time. Dr. Glum brought the information forward in the '80s, but kept the herbal combination a secret. He now provides this wonderful remedy to people under the name Se-kret.

The herbs that we and Dr. Glum provide are the most expensive to be found; however, that is only because they work. This is not to say that other treatments don't work, only that anyone in an advanced stage of sickness should seriously consider Se-kret.

Robert King has an educational background in international business and law. More than 25 years ago, a dear friend of his was diagnosed with cancer and refused to be treated by conventional means. However, he did try everything else, including visiting a doctor who provided him with an herbal remedy that truly worked to heal the cancer. Seeing this success made our founder a believer in this amazing remedy. From then on, he developed a passion for helping people with cancer.

                                       Doctor Gary Glum,
                                           (In memory of)

 I met Dr. Glum in 1991, a year of major changes in my life, it was through a friend who had cancer and used material provided by the doctor, in order to heal himself.

I decided I wanted to help people with this natural remedy, it irritated me that it was known for so long, and yet hidden.  I was so enthusiastic that I would make the tea and, in some cases, gave it to someone needing help, later on, in time, Dr. Glum asked me if I was doing this to make money, or just a hobby.

I was helping people, around the world, all by word of mouth as the internet did not exist yet. In 2002 I had a computer and met a nurse that was willing to create a web site, her first, as I was excited to be able to disseminate the history and further information about this product, but it was NOT the formula commonly called Essiac, it was the one provided through the people of Ojibwa Nation.

Doctor Glum shared what he called, the original formula and it was named by him Se-kret, as it was a secret.  I did not understand why he kept it a secret then he said ”look what they have done with the information I gave out years ago.'  He was indicating the fact that so many companies buy material of which they do not know the source, processing methods, etcetera.

Doctor Glum was charging $560.00 for a three month supply, some people criticized him for such pricing, his response was “do they want to live, or don’t they.' I elected to provide the herbs at a lesser amount, $340.00

I was now helping people with a tea that was even better than before, and I was elated.  After working with the new tea, for about one year, Gary and I were having lunch and he asked if I would be a part of Dr. Glum and Associates, I said yes and I was the only associate.

Gary was a brilliant man, he would resource something until there was nothing left, he also wrote “Calling of an Angel”, the story of Rene Caisse, and a book disclosing the creation of AIDS, “Full Disclosure”, Naval Intelligence made a serious threat to him and his family, they wanted it stopped.

 Gary never lied to me, which was important as I did not want to mislead someone with health issues. I purchased two formulas from Dr. Glum, from the Caisse collection,  the first was a formula for a fantastic cream for the body, I called it Ellen Vannin Cream, this is a derivative from Ellan Vannin, Manx Gaelic for Isle of Man.  The second formula was the injection able material, developed by Rene Caisse and Dr. Brush, for cancer., a young girl named it “Miraject” (miracle injection)  I  have given the injection able material to a few, all say it works well, this will be offered to clinics in the near future.

Doctor Glum is now gone (2014) and I am truly thankful that I was able to work with him, and get to know him.

 For those of you considering helping out financially for our cause and opening                                                                                    
Healing  Centers one at a time, please go to our CrowdFunding  (Clicking Here)

                                                                            Memorandum of Understanding

"I, Robert King, am neither a medical doctor, nor am I practicing medicine. I am only helping those who want an alternative to the standards practiced by medical doctors. Those obtaining the herbs are making a free will choice based on information derived from their own research. I will not make any information obtained from the buyer available to any member of the public. The engagement between me and the user is by a private agreement/treaty."

Robert King, a private American national



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