AlphaBio Centrix, R&D Announces a New Energy Patch for Reducing “Migraine” Headaches!

JULY 13, 2015 BY 

LAS VEGAS, Nev., July 15, 2015 – AlphaBio Centrix, R&D a Nevada-based Physical Engineering and Life Science Company, announces it has developed a new product called “Migraine”. This new product is another great patch in their “bio energy” line of products that uses “Bio Energy Synthesis Technology”, (BEST). This is a technique used in a programed wearable bio energy skin patch that taps into the subtle energy field that surrounds all life forms via the central nervous system.

“We are very excited to share this new product, explains Richard Eaton, president, AlphaBio Centrix, R&D. Once you feel a migraine coming on, attach (one) migraine patch to the left temple for temporary relief. A migraine is considered a central nervous system disorder and therefor activates a cascade of biochemical reactions that may trigger an inflammatory response and over excitement of the trigeminal nerve, a major pain pathway which controls sensation in the face and head”.

The Migraine patch is made of a material that is composed of carbon and crystalline elements and once charged with our proprietary accelerator frequency generator, (AFG), it uses the energy flux to provide essential bio-frequencies that supports and encourages the brain to naturally reduce an analgesic rebound headache, while reducing inflammation. The patch was developed to relieve some of the symptoms associated with inflammation of the occipital nerves.

Tapping into the Subtle Human Energy Field

Nearly 100 years ago, Albert Einstein was awarded a Nobel Prize for revealing that energy and matter are interconvertible and transferrable. Einstein awakened the world to the fact that energy creates matter, and that everything—people, pets, plants, foods, and even thought—is created by, and generates, energy. Nonetheless, nearly a century has passed, and we Westerners continue to struggle with the concept of an energy-based reality.

Everything that “appears” as matter is, in fact, comprised of 99.999 percent energy and only 0.001 percent matter. In addition, energy is in a constant state of flux. Humans have been systematically coaxed into the notions that we live a material existence, and that change is an incongruity. We challenge you to consider that everything that appears to be material to us is actually changing continuously and rapidly at the atomic level.

AlphaBio Centrix, R&D has been in communication with major marketing companies that see an advantage of bringing these “drug free” therapy products to the marketplace. The advantage for the consumer is that they are affordable and easy to wear with no harmful side effects. By using these therapy products there is no chemical reactions that can harm organs, just pure natural bioenergetics energy entering your body.

AlphaBio Centrix, R&D has also designed a new and improved package and insert for the Migraine patch that describes the product with more comprehensive instructions for the user. The company is also planning to design other packages for additional products similar to Migraine that are considered for commercial use. They will be introducing; Detox, Energy, Pain, and Sleep – all of these products will contain ten patches and will report “A Perfect Non-Drug Solution” as the tag line on the package.



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