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Ellen Vannin Cream, or just E. Vannin Cream, 
was developed by a nurse for radiation burns 
and it performed exceptionally well.


The nurse was a chain smoker and died at age of ninety-two, 
with no real discernible wrinkles.The cream is not only effective 
on wrinkles and burns, it has a long list of treatments, which 
will amaze you.
There are several web sites that contain the information 
pertaining to the effectiveness of Ellen Vannin Cream. 
E. Vannin Cream is 100% natural, is not mass produced, and goes 
a long way ie. applying to face and neck once a day, the cream
will last approximately four months.


Some comments from users:

"I started to use this for a bad scar and was thrilled! When I found out how wonderful it was for other purposes I was hooked!" - Sarah Overstreet, Springfield, Mo.

"I was encouraged to use Ellen Vannin cream on my face about four months ago. Since then, I have noticed a remarkable improvement in the texture of my skin and reduction of pore size. Also, I have received several compliments on my complexion with continual use. This truly is a wonderful product!" - Carolyn Smith, Norwood Mo.

"My spot of fungus was coming and going with an ointment prescribed by a doctor. Ellen Vannin Cream helped much more as I used it on a daily basis. Also, it took the soreness from a big fever sore in one night!" - Norma Dabbs, Norwood, Mo.

"I had a patch of psoriasis above my eyebrow. I had tried different things, but with Ellen Vannin cream it disappeared completely." - Genieva Hollis Niangua, MO.

"I have been using the cream on a scar from surgery in September 2003, on my last Doctor's visit he commented that my scar was fading very rapidly and wanted to know what I had been using on it. I also use it on my stretch marks and crows feet with noticeable improvement." - Phyllis Weeks, Wood River, IL




   Stearic acid, Glycerine, Castor oil, Burdock Root, Slippery Elm,
         Balsam of Peru, Colloidal minerals, Essential oils 

Always test skin before using, since a few people may have a reaction.


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