Easy Living Water Pad with Bonus piece of Shungite

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 Cancer Benefits of Magnetized

             EZ Living Water Pad 

1. Helps Raise the PH in your body, as stated by many health professionals, balanced PH in your body is very important to control cancer, disease, and infection. 

2. Magnetized water has been reported helpful for tiredness in daily activities and can help with digesting food matters.

3. Other than water, any fluid can be placed on the Magnetic Pad.

4. Very simple to use, just place glass containers on 6' X 6' Blue Magnetic pad, wait a few minutes (usually 20 minutes) and you will have magnetized water or fluid. Refill as needed.

5. Beneficial to keep in the bathroom for use with rinsing the mouth, washing hands and face. 

Many benefits please follow the link to read more. Cancer Magnetized Water 


SHUNGITE Properties: Black Slate Stone originated in a specific energetic area of Russia.


Shungite is used worldwide for:
• Water Purification
• Growth & enhancement of livestock & plants
• Used in EMF/microwave/geomagnetic & nuclear shielding materials
• Used to treat a variety of ailments & diseases
• Healing rooms (Russia Military Medica Clinics)
• Balance the energy body, which is the blueprint for the physical body
• Promoting physical, mental & emotional health

Application of Shungite Nuggets
• Home Water Systems- secure 3 Shungite nuggets to cold-water inlet pipe using tape.
• Drinking-Water, place your nugget into a container (prefer glass), water pitcher or animals water bowl (out of site of swallowing.
• Natural Gas: secure 3 Shungite nuggets to a gas inlet or heating oil pipe.
• Shungite nuggets can also be added to toilet tanks, electrical devices (Wi-Fi router, cable box, clock radio, printer, wi-fi phone)
• Results are based on the positive energy field emitted by the Shungite.
• For more information and ordering: “TheSpiritedAlchemy.com”




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