Spirited Alchemy Holy Healing Joint Ease and Arthritis

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Holy Healing Joint Ease & Arthritis

HANDPICKED INGREDIENTS: Oregon Basil, Holy Basil, Catnip, Spearmint, Peppermint, Peppermint Oil, Blue Corn Flower, Green Rooibos, Bur Marigold, Guava Leaves, Olive Leaves.
Combine these ingredients for arthritis and joint ease and this combination may support flexibility.

The natural therapeutic herbal formula, nothing artificial. Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant formula, helps ease sore or stiff joints.

AROMATIC, flavorful, reduce stiffness and discomfort, caffeine-free. Effective and delicious both hot and iced. One teaspoon can be used for up to two cups. Suggestion: May be taken first thing in the morning and later in the day.

RECOMMENDED to try and do simple exercises, suggested by a physician to help with the flexibility of the joints and release tightness and discomfort.

PREMIUM FULL-LEAF quality teas, herbal teas, and tisanes blended w/ only 100% real fruits, flowers, & spices. Try our other Spirited Alchemy Teas.

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