Spirited Alchemy Holy Harmony Anti-Depression Tea

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Holy Harmony Anti-Depression Tea

• Holy Harmony Anti-Depression: Red Rooibos, Sage, Dark Chocolate Nibs, Dark Chocolate Chips, Cacao Husks, Rose Petals, Dried Dates.

Holy Harmony has created this combination of ingredients for helping release the everyday stress and negativity that presents itself in our daily routine. Chocolate giving most people an uplifted feeling of tranquility.

 • The natural therapeutic herbal formula, nothing artificial. It can help ease and release stressful situations. Take a few minutes to sit and relax while consuming. Meditate on things that feel good.

 • AROMATIC, flavorful, natural date and chocolate give a pleasant sweet flavor. Effective and delicious both hot and iced. One teaspoon can be used for up to two cups. Suggestion: May be taken anytime you have a few minutes to unwind or are feeling a little down and out.

 • RECOMMENDED to try and do simple relaxation exercises, suggested by a physician to help with clearing the stress from your thoughts. Energize your sense of living to the fullest. 

PREMIUM FULL-LEAF quality teas, herbal teas, and tisanes blended w/ only 100% real fruits, flowers, & spices. Try our other Spirited Alchemy Teas.

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